Projekty Graficzne, Strony www, Prezentacje Power Point

Jest to strona portfolio prezentująca prace freelancera. Tomasz Jeleń specjalizuje się w budowaniu stron internetowych opartych o szablony wordpress, grafice komputerowej, prezentacjach power point ale również tworzeniu autorskich szablonów excel i access.

I am freelancer

I do not use any restrictions in my work. I do not have any packages, I do not assume that I will do one, two or three projects … no. I work until you are satisfied with the results of my work.

In my work I use programs such as:

– Adobe Photoshop
– Adobe Illustrator
– PowerPoint
– WordPress
– Acrobat DC
– Excel

I provide services in the area of:

– Create computer graphics for websites, catalogs, leaflets and banners.
– Create Excel spreadsheets.
– Import data from websites.
– Import data from PDF to Excel.
– Data presentation in Excel
– Preparing forms in Excel and PDF.
– Create a PowerPoint presentation.
– Converting texts to Word and their correction.
– Creating websites based on WordPress. 
– Updating websites.
– Construction of online stores.
– Managing online stores.

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